SAE Parametric Equaliser Training


About The App

Built by Dr Mark Bassett in Max, SAE Parametric Equaliser Training is a free, Mac-only Technical Ear Training application designed to teach users to identify the centre frequency of a parametric equaliser applied to any imported audio files.

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Version 2.0 features include:

  • - Drag and drop play-bar with simultaneous display of 3 mono or stereo audio files.
  • - Playback looping with region selection.
  • - Three difficulty modes: Easy, Hard and Expert.
  • - Three frequency levels: 2-octave, octave and 1/3rd-octave.
  • - Adjustable Gain.
  • - Adjustable Q.
  • - Adjustable delay time between Flat and Equalised versions.
  • - 'Hint' function that removes half of the incorrect answers from the screen.
  • - Response and average response times displayed.
  • - Supports .wav, .aiff, .mp3, .flac, and .m4a audio files.
Version 2.0 Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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'SAE Lecturer Launches Audio Training App'

SAE Blog 12/12/16

At the beginning of this year Mark Bassett was seconded from SAE Byron to take on the role of Project Manager of Curriculum Development at SAE San Francisco campus in the US and serve as Chair of the SAE USA Audio Curriculum Committee.

His temporary relocation to the US also provided the impetus for Mark to start work on a technical ear training software app that would help SAE audio students identify the centre frequency of a parametric equaliser (a device that enables the relative balance of frequencies of a signal to be altered).

In layman’s terms, the app helps students to learn to identify the ‘sound’ of various frequencies in the spectrum, which allows them be more efficient and accurate when sculpting sounds with an equaliser in the studio. Read More

'SAE Parametric Equaliser Training: Development of a Technical Ear Training Program using Max'

Mark Bassett and William L. Martens

Presented at the 141st AES Convention, September-October 2016, Los Angeles, California.


Spectral-based technical ear training (TET) programs generally require the user to identify, by matching or absolute identification, one or more parameters of an equaliser applied to a stimulus signal. Numerous TET programs have been developed to date, targeted at either consumers, employees (for in-house training), or students (delivered within educational institutions). Corey’s 2010 suite of programs featured the first commercially available TET programs developed using Max software, deployed as stand-alone applications on CD-ROM. This paper details the development of a new TET program developed in Max, successfully deployed in the Apple App Store. ‘SAE Parametric Equaliser Training’ is a TET application designed to teach students to identify the centre frequency of a parametric equaliser applied to any imported audio files.